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getTransactionalObjectId(pc) - JDO PersistenceManager's method

Object getTransactionalObjectId(
  Object pc

The ObjectId returned by this method represents the JDO identity of the instance. The ObjectId is a copy (clone) of the internal state of the instance, and changing it does not affect the JDO identity of the instance.

If the object identity is being changed in the transaction, by the application modifying one or more of the application key fields, then this method returns the current identity in the transaction.

If there is no transaction in progress, or if none of the key fields is being modified, then this method will return the same value as getObjectId.

pc - a PersistenceCapable instance
the ObjectId of the instance
JDO 1.0
See Also:
getObjectId(Object pc)
getObjectById(Object oid, boolean validate)