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makeTransient(pc, useFetchPlan) - JDO PersistenceManager's method

void makeTransient(
  Object pc,
  boolean useFetchPlan

Make an instance transient, removing it from management by this PersistenceManager. If the useFetchPlan parameter is false, this method behaves exactly as makeTransient(Object pc).

The affected instance(s) lose their JDO identity and are no longer associated with any PersistenceManager. The state of fields is unchanged.

If the useFetchPlan parameter is true, then the current FetchPlan is applied to the pc parameter, as if detachCopy(Object) had been called. After the graph of instances is loaded, the instances reachable via loaded fields is made transient. The state of fields in the affected instances is as specified by the FetchPlan.

Unlike detachCopy, the instances are not detached; there is no detachment information in the instances.

The instances to be made transient do not need to implement the javax.jdo.spi.Detachable interface.

pc - the root instance to make transient.
useFetchPlan - whether to use the current fetch plan to determine which fields to load and which instances to make transient
JDO 2.0