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close() - JDO PersistenceManagerFactory's method

Close this PersistenceManagerFactory. Check for JDOPermission("closePersistenceManagerFactory") and if not authorized, throw SecurityException.

If the authorization check succeeds, check to see that all PersistenceManager instances obtained from this PersistenceManagerFactory have no active transactions. If any PersistenceManager instances have an active transaction, throw a JDOUserException, with one nested JDOUserException for each PersistenceManager with an active Transaction.

If there are no active transactions, then close all PersistenceManager instances obtained from this PersistenceManagerFactory, mark this PersistenceManagerFactory as closed, disallow getPersistenceManager methods, and allow all other get methods. If a set method or getPersistenceManager method is called after close, then JDOUserException is thrown.

JDO 1.0.1