addSubquery(sub, variableDeclaration, candidateCollectionExpression, parameters) - JDO Query's method

void addSubquery(
  Query sub,
  String variableDeclaration,
  String candidateCollectionExpression,
  Map parameters

Add a subquery to this query. The Map version of the method treats the key of each map entry as the name of the parameter in the subquery, with or without the leading ":", and the value as the name of the expression in the outer query. If the trimmed expression is the empty String for either the parameter or the value of the String[], or for any map key or value, that expression is ignored.
sub - the subquery to add to this Query
variableDeclaration - the name of the variable to be used in this Query
candidateCollectionExpression - the candidate collection to apply to the subquery
parameters - the expressions from the outer query to bind the parameter in the subquery
JDO 2.1
See Also:
addSubquery(Query sub, String variableDeclaration, String candidateCollectionExpression, String... parameters)