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executeWithArray(parameters) - JDO Query's method

Object executeWithArray(
  Object... parameters

Execute the query and return the filtered Collection.

The execution of the query obtains the values of the parameters and matches them against the declared parameters in order. The names of the declared parameters are ignored. The type of the declared parameters must match the type of the passed parameters, except that the passed parameters might need to be unwrapped to get their primitive values.

The filter, import, declared parameters, declared variables, and ordering statements are verified for consistency.

Each element in the candidate Collection is examined to see that it is assignment compatible to the Class of the query. It is then evaluated by the Boolean expression of the filter. The element passes the filter if there exist unique values for all variables for which the filter expression evaluates to true.

parameters - the Object array with all of the parameters.
the filtered Collection.
JDO 1.0