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copyKeyFieldsToObjectId(pcClass, fm, oid) - JDO JDOImplHelper's method

void copyKeyFieldsToObjectId(
  Class pcClass,
  ObjectIdFieldSupplier fm,
  Object oid

Copy fields from an outside source to the key fields in the ObjectId. This method is generated in the PersistenceCapable class to generate a call to the field manager for each key field in the ObjectId.

For example, an ObjectId class that has three key fields (int id, String name, and Float salary) would have the method generated:

void jdoCopyKeyFieldsToObjectId (Object oid, ObjectIdFieldSupplier fm) {
oid.id = fm.fetchIntField (0);
oid.name = fm.fetchStringField (1);
oid.salary = fm.fetchObjectField (2);

The implementation is responsible for implementing the ObjectIdFieldSupplier to provide the values for the key fields.

pcClass - the PersistenceCapable Class.
fm - the field manager that supplies the field values.
oid - the ObjectId target of the copy.
JDO 1.0