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javax.persistence.Enumerated - JPA annotation

Fields (including property get methods)
Specifies that a persistent property or field should be persisted as a enumerated type. The Enumerated annotation may be used in conjunction with the Basic annotation, or in conjunction with the ElementCollection annotation when the element collection value is of basic type. If the enumerated type is not specified or the Enumerated annotation is not used, the EnumType value is assumed to be ORDINAL.


   public enum EmployeeStatus {FULL_TIME, PART_TIME, CONTRACT}

   public enum SalaryRate {JUNIOR, SENIOR, MANAGER, EXECUTIVE}

   @Entity public class Employee {
       public EmployeeStatus getStatus() {...}
       public SalaryRate getPayScale() {...}
JPA 1.0
See Also:
Learn how to define and use enum fields in Chapter 2 of the ObjectDB/JPA manual.
(Optional) The type used in mapping an enum type.
(Optional) The type used in mapping an enum type.
Default value:
JPA 1.0