ObjectDB 2.5.0

Released on 2013-04-16 (see other available releases).

Note: A newer version is available.

Use of ObjectDB is subject to the ObjectDB Licence agreement

Changes in ObjectDB 2.5.0:

  • Added support of nested paths in JOIN FETCH.
  • Added support of persisting collections and maps of user defined types.
  • Added support of Google (Guava) collections.
  • Added support of inheritance of ID fields.
  • Added support of disabling detachment on rollback in JPA.
  • Added support of using entity instead of a PK in find (retrieval by example).
  • Added support of using list of literals in an query IN expression.
  • Added the ability to disable hollow objects.
  • Added TRACE level logging of query execution.
  • Added a new temporary system property ("objectdb.temp.quick-file") to accelerate db opening and closing.
  • Improved connecting and disconnecting performance when logging is disabled.
  • Improved closing database time when recovery is disabled.
  • Fixed hasSingleIdAttribute for partial primary key inheritance.
  • Fixed a bug in JOIN FETCH.
  • Fixed a bug in loading reference primary key field of an abstract type.
  • Fixed JDO sequence names to be fully qualified names (issue #1074).
  • Fixed accessing a package level JDO sequence using getSequence (issue #1074).
  • Fixed false Doctor warnings when updating the schema using external classes.
  • Fixed Doctor's index rebuilding to use NULL values for missing values of new fields.
  • Fixed a bug in UPDATE queries.
  • Fixed a bug in using the LIKE operator in queries with no wildcard characters.
  • Fixed support of embedded objects comparison in queries.
  • Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in serializing entity objects.

See the full change log.

ObjectDB with Maven

To use ObjectDB in your Java Maven project merge the following repositpory and dependency into your pom.xml file:

            <name>ObjectDB Repository</name>

ObjectDB 2.5.0 Maven files:

objectdb-2.5.0.jar objectdb-2.5.0.jar.md5 objectdb-2.5.0.jar.sha1
objectdb-2.5.0.pom objectdb-2.5.0.pom.md5 objectdb-2.5.0.pom.sha1


ObjectDB Development Kit

The ObjectDB Development Kit includes:

  • The ObjectDB runtime JAR (available also on Maven).
  • The GUI ObjectDB Explorer.
  • Sample ObjectDB databases that you can open in the Explorer.
  • Command line tools for running the ObjectDB Server and the ObjectDB Enhancer.
  • Tutorial projects in Maven format for opening and running in your favourite IDE.
  • A sample objectdb.conf configuration file.
  • Source code of the JPA and JDO APIs.
  • JavaDoc of the JPA and JDO APIs.
  • The complete ObjectDB Manual in PDF format.