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ObjectDB 2.5.7

Released on 2014-09-29 (see other available releases).

Note: A newer version is available.

Use of ObjectDB is subject to the ObjectDB Licence agreement

Changes in ObjectDB 2.5.7:

  • Added Refresh toolbar button and accelerator key in the Explorer.
  • Added support of retrieving database connection details.
  • Fixed unstable activation in Mac OS.
  • Fixed a bug in using FETCH JOIN in criteria queries.
  • Fixed a bug in cascading remove when orphan removal is set.
  • Fixed an IllegalAccessError exception when using abstract non public persistable types.
  • Fixed the result type of a sum query on a single value.

See the full change log.

ObjectDB with Maven

To use ObjectDB in your Java Maven project merge the following repositpory and dependencies into your pom.xml file:

            <name>ObjectDB Repository</name>


ObjectDB 2.5.7 Maven files:

objectdb-2.5.7.jar objectdb-2.5.7.jar.md5 objectdb-2.5.7.jar.sha1
objectdb-2.5.7.pom objectdb-2.5.7.pom.md5 objectdb-2.5.7.pom.sha1


ObjectDB Development Kit

The ObjectDB Development Kit includes:

  • The ObjectDB runtime JAR (available also on Maven).
  • The GUI ObjectDB Explorer.
  • Sample ObjectDB databases that you can open in the Explorer.
  • Command line tools for running the ObjectDB Server and the ObjectDB Enhancer.
  • Tutorial projects in Maven format for opening and running in your favourite IDE.
  • A sample objectdb.conf configuration file.
  • Source code of the JPA and JDO APIs.
  • JavaDoc of the JPA and JDO APIs.
  • The complete ObjectDB Manual in PDF format.