ObjectDB ObjectDB

ObjectDB 2.8.5

Released on 2021-03-24 (see other available releases).

Note: A newer version is available.

Use of ObjectDB is subject to the ObjectDB Licence agreement

Changes in ObjectDB 2.8.5:

  • Fixed a bug in using AS in SELECT NEW (breaks some Spring Data JPA queries).
  • Fixed a bug in tracking changes to new collections after flush (issue #2640).
  • Fixed a StackOverflowError on no access permission to objectdb.conf (issue #2643).
  • Fixed a bug in managing pessimistic locks after using LockModeType.NONE.
  • Fixed a bug in recovery from an exception during inverse (mapped-by) retrieval.
  • Improved recovery from partial deletion of class hierarchy in the Explorer.

See the full change log.

ObjectDB with Maven

To use ObjectDB in your Java Maven project merge the following repositpory and dependency into your pom.xml file:

            <name>ObjectDB Repository</name>

ObjectDB 2.8.5 Maven files:

objectdb-2.8.5.jar objectdb-2.8.5.jar.md5 objectdb-2.8.5.jar.sha1
objectdb-2.8.5.pom objectdb-2.8.5.pom.md5 objectdb-2.8.5.pom.sha1


ObjectDB Development Kit

The ObjectDB Development Kit includes:

  • The ObjectDB runtime JAR (available also on Maven).
  • The GUI ObjectDB Explorer.
  • Sample ObjectDB databases that you can open in the Explorer.
  • Command line tools for running the ObjectDB Server and the ObjectDB Enhancer.
  • Tutorial projects in Maven format for opening and running in your favourite IDE.
  • A sample objectdb.conf configuration file.
  • Source code of the JPA and JDO APIs.
  • JavaDoc of the JPA and JDO APIs.
  • The complete ObjectDB Manual in PDF format.