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Hi there !

We are building a platform for trades processing where we want to keep our processing speeds very high. We like ObjectDb because its simplicity and the performance benchmarks, but to take it to next level really we wanted to check whether is there any In memory mode available for ObjectDB where recovery is possible, something like prevalyer etc.

Basically we want to hit a huge Transaction per second limit and making sure if ObjectDB can help us here. Additionally the only cache I see in settings is query cache, is it only that query result sets are cached or I can actually have a all of my Objects in Cache ?

We can run the embeeded mode for perfomance, or embeeded + in memory if that is possible -- but want to know what is the Transaction per second that ObjectDB can shoot for.

Any guidance on these lines will be very helpful.



You can use ObjectDB in a pure in memory mode by using a RAM drive.

However, high performance is also expected when using ObjectDB on an ordinary drive with a large cache, or if large RAM is available and used by the internal operating system cache.

ObjectDB supports several different caches:

ObjectDB Support

Thanks for your reply.

I am mainly looking for specific cache that will help for in memory processing, I don't really worry about objects being stored into File store, I can always re process my messages, I want to know which Cache will help keep all my objects into Cache so the performance is highest avoiding file I/O etc. and even my query performance is greatest. Thanks.


Update: Support of Memory Mode was added to ObjectDB in version 2.6.4.



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