Is there any GUI for creating/editing entity?


Hi, I'm new for JPA/JDO.

How should I create/edit entity class?

Is there any GUI?


In my searching easily, there is the jpa function of myeclipse, or Dail.


Please tell me your usual method for creating/editing entity and JPA/JDO things.

I'm expecting the one like MySQL Workbench. 


TIA :)


Some Explorer features that were available in ObjectDB 1.0 are temporarily disabled due to incompatibility with the new ObjectDB 2 code base. This includes the ability to edit database files in the Explorer.

These features are expected to be enabled again soon in future releases.

To be informed on updates regarding this issue - you may subscribe to thisfeature request.

Update: ObjectDB 2.3 Explorer adds support of editing database content.

ObjectDB Support
ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

I see, thank you for your response.

I want you to consider its eclipse plugin version, If you will.


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