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If I put the .jar into /opt/Tomcat/lib/, then where the .conf should be in?

And the .odb?

When I debug the Eclipse web project, I export all things into a .war file. Then I use Tomcat's web deploy tool by the .war file. However, if I put objectdb into the project's /WEB-INF/, I may lost the db when I use Undeploy tool.



> If I put the .jar into /opt/Tomcat/lib/, then where the .conf should be in? And the .odb?

See explanations about ObjectDB home and configuration path in the manual.

Notice that the database file can be at any absolute path that you specify.

ObjectDB Support

You can try configuration like this (it's my day to day dev environment):

- create directory 'objectdb' somewhere - in my case ~/objectbd

- put objectdb.jar and objected.conf in this directory

- create ~/objectbd/db (or any other directory where you want store you database - this directory should be defined in objectdb.conf)

- add java agent using export CATALINA_OPTS="-javaagent:~/objectdb/objectdb.jar" or by setting this in your dev software (in my case in eclipse server configuration -> Arguments -> VM arguments)

Of course you can change this on Windows to something like "d:\objectdb" and then use this path. Now you can redeploy you application without deleting database files.


Ok,I believe there are some improvements need to be done. The link shows a tutorial,


>Now, add ObjectDB support to the new Eclipse Project - by dragging the objectdb.jar file from the file system and dropping it on the WEB-INF/lib node in the Eclipse Project Explorer:

If the jar is put into the "WEB-INF/lib", it will increase the size of war file, and will destroy the DB under db-files with tomcat undepoly tool. I think it is best to put the jar file into Tombat/lib for global calling, not just the "WEB-INF/lib" of the project.



Hi support,

as you mentioned the odb file is in the deployment WEB-INF directory but not in development one , can I change it to the development one because in building a war file it will use the current development directory. This will create the new file instead of using the deployed one ?



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