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Detaching objects after JOIN FETCH



I have a question about detaching objects after issuing query with JOIN FETCH. Let's say I have two classes:

public class A {


    B bClass


public class B {
    @OneToMany(fetch = FetchType.LAZY, cascade = CascadeType.ALL)
    List<A> aClasses;


Now, I want to fetch all B classes with all A classes skipping lazy loading:

select b from B b join fetch b.aClasses

After closing entity manager, B classes became detached but without A classes and because EM is closed, B.aClasses is always null.

I thought, that after join fetch and CascadeType.DETACH list of A classes should be accessible from B, or am I wrong?


You are right. The A instances should be available after detachment in this case.

Could you please provide a test case that demonstrates the problem?

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While building test case I get two different cases:

1. When not using mappedBy, like in example above, detached objects are visible even after closing em.

2. When using mappedBy in class B (this is the case in my code), detached objects from relation are not visible.

I should add mappedBy in the example above, but I totally forget about it. Anyway mappedBy shouldn't impact detached objects. I think that both cases should return the same results.


Thank you for this report and for the test case.

The problem was added to the issue tracking system and hopefully will be fixed soon.

Update: The issue is fixed now.

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