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problem with lazy loading - unittest project attached
by chris,
9by support,
Multithreading Test and Deadlock
by edy_at_ssn,
3by edy_at_ssn,
explorer locks local database in readonly mode
by chris,
2by support,
Error using query with MAX() function
by awhawks,
12by support,
Memory Leak?
by edy_at_ssn,
7by support,
Different behavior with persist() and queried instances?
by quasado,
7by support,
JPQL Update & Delete (JPA 1.0)
by support,
4by support,
can not use spring-data-jpa repository with NamedQuery
by chris,
3by chris,
c.o.jpa.type.EntityTypeImpl.getIdType() returns null
by chris,
6by support,
Maven driven compile time ehnancement
by Willks,
5by Willks,
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