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Data migration from SQLServer to ObjectDB

Hi, could someone recommend a good tool to use for data migration from SQLServer to ObjectDB. irene05 irene lan Unfortunately there is currently no such automatic tool. Using a JPA ORM library (e.g. Hibernate or EclipseLink) you can write your own conversion program that retrieves data from

Entity is not related to ObjectDB, but i get exception from ObjectDB

When getting this entity from PostgreSQL with the key EntityManager.find(id), we receive ... , it is an exception from ObjectDB, although the entity itself is not related to ObjectDB any

Changing existing objects from Entity to Embedded

Hi, I realised that I have a mistake (from application logic point of view) in one of my JDO metadata files: <jdo> <package name="my.example.package">     <class name="InnerSettings">    <field ... tried the migration and the explorer also from version 2.7.2_09 and it made no difference. jakab

"Rebuild Class Indexes" from the command line?

Hi, Is there a way to "Rebuild Class Indexes" from the command line? I have just added a new index and want to make sure the DBs with previously persisted entities have a BTree with all entities ... currently requires running the ObjectDB Doctor, which is run from the command line. ObjectDB 1.x

On initialisation of lists: impact on migration from EclipseLink to ObjectDB

I would like to draw the attention of those assessing migration from EclipseLink ORM to ObjectDB to a significant difference in the initialization of persistent lists, namely that EclipseLink injects ... is clearly different from EclipseLink, and so has an impact on migration. I have previously examined

Changing from client server to embedded mode

Client Server mode. kindly provide information how to switch from client server mode to embedded ... of the database file (from the client-server session) on your computer (under objectdb/db), you can also use

Programatic configuration or configuration file loaded from classpath or file

a) Is it possible to configure this programmatically? Unfortunately not, it must be read from

Puzzler: Not getting cascades on read from Spring context

I've determined that the database is correctly initialized, looking at it from the Object Explorer, I can run the code that loads the database in a Junit test and it's initializing the children objects correctly, but in the application running in Jetty with Spring, fetching is not cascading

Explorer bug ? Objects seem to be missing from database in Class view, but are present as references

named list) INFO: RequestBean []: involveBlockListInParsel: : list name(blocks) from blockId(65 ... []: involveValueOfEntityClassWithinListelInParsel: : valuePropertyName(floatQuantity) from entityClass(class com.greensoft.entity.test

SELECT clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

<Country> query = em.createQuery("SELECT c FROM Country c", Country.class); List<Country ... FROM Country AS c Using path expressions, such as c.name, in query results is referred to as projection. The field values are extracted from (or projected out of) entity objects to form the query

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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