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Puzzler: Not getting cascades on read from Spring context

I've determined that the database is correctly initialized, looking at it from the Object Explorer, I can run the code that loads the database in a Junit test and it's initializing the children objects correctly, but in the application running in Jetty with Spring, fetching is not

Guestbook example from tutorial does not work.

Hi, I have Problems to initialize objectdb in a jee envoirment. I used the Guestbook from the tutorial and try to deploy on Tomcat but i get this error. Caused by: org.apache.tomee.catalina.TomEERuntimeException: org

How to Remove records from many to many relationship tables in JPA

me how exactly i need to use this to delete the records from Conclusion and TransportationEvent.

Getting this error when fetching records from mem db.

Getting following error when executing bellow query.   [2022-03-25 14:42:19 #1 query] Error during query execution: Select rt From RtDelete rt Where rt.EntityClass =: encls And rt.DeletedAt >: lastcheck({encls->RtCall

Catching exceptions from online backup

although there was an Exception in it. I attached a screenshot from the debugger.   jakab

Undeploying Glassfish web application does not disconnect from ObjectDB

undeploying a web application from GlassFish doesn't close the

Is there a way to extract the schema from an existing Database?

Hi ObjectDB, Is there a way to extract the schema from an existing Database? i.e. without using my class files Thanks EKK EKK Emmanuel Keskes The schema is available for viewing in the Explorer. You may use the

reading from table gives Unexpected exception

reading from table gives Unexpected exception [ObjectDB 2.6.3] Unexpected exception (Error 990)   Generated by Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.8.0_131 (on Windows 10 10.0). Please report this error on com.objectdb

Why does ObjectDB duplicate classes from javax.jdo:jdo-api?

> jleblanc Joel Leblanc You are right, of course. JDO files should be removed from

Remove of an entry from a @OneToMany collection is not possible if the enhancer is disabled

Hello! When the JPA entities are not enhanced the removal of an entry from a @OneToMany collection is not possible. The following java code demonstrates the problem. The statement parentEntity.getChildEntityContainer().remove("01");