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"Attempt to lock a non entity object" error

(),       LockModeType.PESSIMISTIC_WRITE); . . } //doEdit ... .persistence.LockModeType; import javax.persistence.Persistence; //---------------- @Entity ... );         em.lock(p, LockModeType.PESSIMISTIC_WRITE);         System.out.println("After find and first lock

EntityTransaction.commit() does not release a pessimistic lock

(); Account a1 = em1.find(Account.class, 0, LockModeType.PESSIMISTIC_WRITE); a1.credit(10 ... .getTransaction().begin(); Account a2 = em2.find(Account.class, 0, LockModeType.PESSIMISTIC_READ

Duplicate Entity class names causes Exception in Query

(LockModeType.OPTIMISTIC); */ try { java.lang.Object r = q.getSingleResult(); return

Optimistic locking failure

problem with LockModeType.READ: Thread[Thread-1,5,main] READ A1 version=1 value=0 Thread[Thread-1,5,main

refresh(entity, lockMode, properties)

Method javax.persistence.EntityManager void refresh( Object entity, LockModeType lockMode, Map<String,Object> properties ) Refresh the state of the instance from the database, overwriting changes made to the entity, if any, and lock it with respect to given lock mode type and with specified


Method javax.persistence.EntityManager LockModeType getLockMode( Object entity ) Get the current lock mode for the entity instance. Parameters: entity - entity instance Returns: lock mode Throws: TransactionRequiredException - if there is no transaction IllegalArgumentException - if the instance

find(entityClass, primaryKey, lockMode, properties)

Method javax.persistence.EntityManager T find( Class<T> entityClass, Object primaryKey, LockModeType lockMode, Map<String,Object> properties ) Find by primary key and lock, using the specified properties. Search for an entity of the specified class and primary key and lock it with respect


Method javax.persistence.Query Query setLockMode( LockModeType lockMode ) Set the lock mode type to be used for the query execution. Parameters: lockMode - lock mode Returns: the same query instance Throws: IllegalStateException - if the query is found not to be a Java Persistence query language SELECT query or a Criteria API query Since: JPA 2.0

lock(entity, lockMode)

Method javax.persistence.EntityManager void lock( Object entity, LockModeType lockMode ) Lock an entity instance that is contained in the persistence context with the specified lock mode type. If a pessimistic lock mode type is specified and the entity contains a version attribute, the persistence

ObjectDB 2.4.0

classes (issue #672). Fixed LockModeType.OPTIMISTIC (READ) by handling it as OPTIMISTIC_FORCE_INCREMENT. Fixed a bug in optimistic locking on find by using LockModeType.WRITE. Fixed exception

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