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objectdb-2.6.9_02 (with "objectdb.temp.no-enhancement-crc-check") vs. generic classes with interfaces: detailed investigation

[SomeOtherEntity] implements IValue<T> { @Entity public class BooleanValue extends Value<Boolean ... with why one would bother to wrap something like a Boolean in this fashion, it is however a very powerful and crucial technique (and it is not used in all cases for every trivial boolean value in the system, just

Type ... is not defined as an entity (@Entity is missing) (error 302)

.PersistenceCapable @Bindable @PersistenceCapable class CultureRqst { // Common Boolean candS = false Boolean gramStain = false Boolean fungal = false OtherRqst commonOtherRqsts = new OtherRqst() // Bacteria (Fastidious) Boolean afb

Pre-detach loading: retrieval by navigation not working in if statement

is a subclass of entity Block - A Block has a property 'present' which is a "deep" Boolean value wrapper ... a simple Boolean property 'value'. - A LightingZone has a property 'v_NLA' which is a "deep" Float value ... more things. This is enough to "provoke" loading of the Boolean lz.present.value before


Method javax.persistence.metamodel.SingularAttribute boolean isId() Is the attribute an id attribute. This method will return true if the attribute is an attribute that corresponds to a simple id, an embedded id, or an attribute of an id class. Returns: boolean indicating whether the attribute is an id Since: JPA 2.0


Method javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaQuery CriteriaQuery<T> having( Expression<Boolean> restriction ) Specify a restriction over the groups of the query. Replaces the previous having restriction ... . Parameters: restriction - a simple or compound boolean expression Returns: the modified query Since: JPA 2.0


Method javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactory boolean getNontransactionalWrite() Get the default NontransactionalWrite setting for all PersistenceManager instances obtained from this factory. Returns: the default NontransactionalWrite setting. Since: JDO 1.0


Method javax.jdo.Transaction void setOptimistic( boolean optimistic ) Optimistic transactions do not hold data store locks until commit time. If an implementation does not support this option, a JDOUnsupportedOptionException is thrown. Parameters: optimistic - the value of the Optimistic flag. Since: JDO 1.0


Method javax.jdo.spi.PersistenceCapable boolean jdoIsTransactional() Tests whether this object is transactional. Instances whose state is associated with the current transaction return true. Transient instances return false. Returns: true if this instance is transactional. Since: JDO 1.0


Method javax.jdo.spi.StateManager boolean isPersistent( PersistenceCapable pc ) Tests whether this object is persistent. Instances whose state is stored in the data store return true. Transient instances return false. Parameters: pc - the calling PersistenceCapable instance Returns: true

unpinAll(subclasses, pcClass)

Method javax.jdo.datastore.DataStoreCache void unpinAll( boolean subclasses, Class pcClass ) Unpin instances from the second-level cache. Parameters: subclasses - if true, unpin instances of subclasses also pcClass - the class of instances to unpin Since: JDO 2.1

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