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Database size is much larger than expected (x2)

;sUrl>::=String <cMark>::=char <iSize>::=int <baBody>::=byte[] <id>::=@ID ... (value="71") class Uris { public Uris() { } byte[] baURI; char cMark; @Override public boolean ... ; return baURI; } public char getcMark() {   return cMark; } public int getId() {  

Problem with polish characters

have polish chars in database (when i put in database some strings with polish chars and get them and show in .jsp there are polish chars) But in this way I'm unnable to write polisch chars just on the site. When I use ISO-8859-2 or UTF-8 there are polish chars on .jsp but when i put them to database

Searching lists within objects

>) with char literal ('5') ObjectDB considers the literal as character rather than as a string. Only in comparison of a string and a char the char is converted into string. A possible workaround is to use

notLike(x, pattern, escapeChar)

="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Expression<T> pattern,   char

notLike(x, pattern, escapeChar)

">Expression<String> x,   String pattern,   char


.Timestamp , byte[] , Byte[] , char

like(x, pattern, escapeChar)

char escapeChar) Create a predicate


Method javax.jdo.identity.CharIdentitychar getKey()

CharIdentity(pcClass, key)

;pcClass,   char key)

storeCharField(fieldNumber, value)

void storeCharField(  int fieldNumber,   char