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Dirty checking

Moshal surprisingly, it looks like embeddable classes can't register change listeners? ie: @Embeddable @EntityListeners (Listener.class) So, having to go and make all @Embeddables into @Entities. and, having to manually save each one. Question:

collection of embedded objects

>) with no particular restrictions (except the ordinary embeddable_classes ... > Is there any advantage to indexing collections of @Embeddable objects ... > You cannot define an ordinary index on a field whose type is a user defined embeddable class or

Embedded Entity in EmbeddedId not persisted. Error 631 at select.

.createEntityManagerFactory; import; import javax.persistence.Embeddable; import ... ;  }     }     @Embeddable     public static ... specifying CascadeType.PERSIST: @Embeddable public

Changing existing objects from Entity to Embedded

can be either persistence capable (entity classes) or embeddable. To use embedded objects you must declare classes as embeddable (rather than the reference fields as in ObjectDB 1.0), either by annotation (Embeddable">@Embeddable) or by external XML

Issue with Casting / Joins

have is something like: @Embeddable public class EmbeddedBase { ... } @Embeddable public class EmbeddedA extends EmbeddedBase { private String name; getName ... ;   @Embeddable     public static class EmbeddedBase {    

Weird behaviour with enhanced classes and embedded entities

.Embeddable; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.EntityManager; import javax ... ; return embeddedEntities;     }   }     @Embeddable   static ... ; this.embeddedEntities.add(entity);     }   }     @Embeddable

Object comparation never matches

: @Embeddable public class PhoneNumber implements Serializable ... and embeddable classes) can be compared by using the equality operators (=, <>, ==, !=). For entities, e1 = e2 if e1 and e2 have the same type and the same primary key value. For embeddable objects, e1

Missing (null) elements in eager loaded references

Entities (Element, DataElement), which contain an ElementCollection of Embeddables (Costs). The Embeddable from the ElementCollection has a OneToMany relationship to DataElement. @Embeddable

can't get HashMap out of the database

to get going is considerably more complicated and it is still not working. It involves nested embeddable ... "> @Embeddable public class Guest implements Serializable { private String name; private Date ... ).toString()); } The full project attached. Please advise if nested embeddable

Weird issue with variable naming

.persistence.Embeddable; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.EntityManager ... ; {     map.put(me.name123, me);    }   } } @Embeddable public ... .persistence.Embeddable; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.EntityManager; import