getFetchGroup(cls, name) - JDO PersistenceManagerFactory's method

FetchGroup getFetchGroup(
  Class cls,
  String name

Create an unscoped, modifiable FetchGroup for the Class and name. If a corresponding FetchGroup already exists in PersistenceManagerFactory scope, copy its definition to a new FetchGroup. If the FetchGroup does not already exist, create it with no members. The FetchGroup does not become in scope until it is added to the current set via addFetchGroups.
cls - the class or interface for the FetchGroup
name - the name of the fetch group
the FetchGroup
JDOUserException - if the class is not a persistence-capable class or interface
JDO 2.2

This documentation page is derived (with some adjustments) from the JDO 2.2 API
and is available under the terms of the Apache License, v. 2.0.