addFetchGroups(groups) - JDO PersistenceManagerFactory's method

void addFetchGroups(
  FetchGroup... groups

Add the FetchGroups to the set of active fetch groups. FetchGroups are made unmodifiable before being added. FetchGroups that match existing FetchGroups replace the corresponding FetchGroups. The replaced FetchGroups become unscoped. Match is based on identical class and equal name. The methods addFetchGroups, removeFetchGroups, getFetchGroups, and removeAllFetchGroups are internally serialized.
groups - an array of FetchGroups
SecurityException - if the caller is not authorized for JDOPermission ("manageMetadata")
JDO 2.2

This documentation page is derived (with some adjustments) from the JDO 2.2 API
and is available under the terms of the Apache License, v. 2.0.