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Issue with full cross joinsBug ReoprtNormalFixed2012-01-16
Issues with JDO Casting & Full Qualified NamesBug ReoprtNormalClosed2012-01-13
Issue with UPPER ?Bug ReoprtHighFixed2012-01-12
NullPointer on queryBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2012-01-11
Different behavior for two equal queriesBug ReoprtNormalClosed2012-01-11
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1Bug ReoprtCriticalFixed2012-01-03
EOFExceptionBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2011-12-31
Internal exception on flushBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2011-12-31
ClassCastException after upgrade to 2.3.5_03Bug ReoprtNormalFixed2011-12-24
Eager Fetch of Map with Entities as KeysBug ReoprtNormalActive2011-12-19

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