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Blocked by findBug ReoprtHighFixed2011-11-15
Support for roles/groups in ObjectDBFeature RequestNormalActive2011-11-15
Negative snapshot user countBug ReoprtNormalFixed2011-11-14
Server NPEBug ReoprtNormalClosed2011-11-14
Better support for ObjectDB in Eclipse PluginsFeature RequestNormalFixed2011-11-14
Better OSGI CompabilityFeature RequestNormalFixed2011-11-14
Exception on the recovery of a databaseBug ReoprtLowFixed2011-11-11
Persist & remove in same transactionBug ReoprtNormalFixed2011-11-09
GC overhead limit exceededBug ReoprtNormalClosed2011-11-07
NullPointer when accessing persistent fieldBug ReoprtNormalFixed2011-11-06

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