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Different behavior for casting and not castingBug ReoprtNormalFixed2012-01-19
DeadlockBug ReoprtNormalFixed2012-01-19
Query Execution ErrorBug ReoprtNormalFixed2012-01-18
Internal Exception during query executionBug ReoprtNormalFixed2012-01-18
Unexpected Query Token / Casting in QueryBug ReoprtNormalFixed2012-01-18
Weird issue with variable namingBug ReoprtNormalFixed2012-01-18
Alias not used in ORDER BYBug ReoprtLowFixed2012-01-17
Issue with DISTINCT SelectBug ReoprtNormalClosed2012-01-17
Issue with full cross joinsBug ReoprtNormalFixed2012-01-16
Issues with JDO Casting & Full Qualified NamesBug ReoprtNormalClosed2012-01-13

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