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Support for roles/groups in ObjectDBFeature RequestNormalActive2011-11-15
Improve ObjectDB ServerFeature RequestLowActive2011-05-05
Explorer Features - refresh + viewing open embedded databaseFeature RequestHighActive2011-04-27
When using inheritance, you can specify, which ID to useFeature RequestNormalActive2011-02-24
Full Text Indexing and QueryFeature RequestNormalActive2011-02-02
[Explorer] Running ToolsFeature RequestLowActive2010-05-14
Database File CompressionFeature RequestNormalActive2010-05-14
JDOQL Subqueries (JDO 2.1)Feature RequestLowActive2010-05-14
Dynamic Metadata (JDO 3.0)Feature RequestLowActive2010-05-14
Enhancer API (JDO 3.0)Feature RequestLowActive2010-05-14

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