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Referential IntegrityFeature RequestNormalActive2012-08-27
ObjectDB for AndroidFeature RequestNormalActive2012-08-09
JPQL Case Statements (JPA 2.0)Feature RequestNormalActive2012-07-10
Terracotta Ehcache IntegrationFeature RequestNormalActive2012-05-22
ObjectDB for .NET (C# / VB)Feature RequestNormalActive2012-05-10
JPQL support for mapped by (inverse) collectionsFeature RequestNormalActive2012-04-19
Navigation through lazy loading from Detached ObjectsFeature RequestNormalActive2012-02-16
Support for case-insensitive indexesFeature RequestNormalActive2012-02-16
Collation and String OrderFeature RequestNormalActive2011-12-06
Sort of very large objects - out of memoryFeature RequestNormalActive2011-11-16

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