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Problem with @OrderBy

When I use @OrderBy and supply multiple order fields I get and error when ObjectDB ... ="defect")     @OrderBy("seqRel, noteSeq")     Set< ... one I do not get any errors. @OrderBy("seqRel")


Annotation OrderBy The syntax of the value ordering element is an orderby_list, as follows: orderby_list::= orderby_item [,orderby


Element OrderBy" title="Annotation in javax.persistence">javax.persistence.OrderByString value An orderby_list . Specified as follows:


; orderBy(  


; orderBy(  List<

ORDER BY clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

="/api/java/jpa/criteria/CriteriaQuery/orderBy_Order_">orderBy(cb.orderBy_Order_">orderBy method takes a variable number of 

JPA Entity Fields

of the retrieved owner entities can be set by the OrderBy">OrderByOrderBy">@OrderBy("name") List<Employee> employees; }

JPA Query Structure (JPQL / Criteria)


JPA Criteria API Queries

_by_in_criteria_queries">ORDER BY clause (orderBy_Order_">orderBy, Order

JPA Annotations for Relationships

="OrderBy|MapKey"> Details about all these annotations are provided