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Filename.odb$ Persisting Issue

again due to a persistence error thrown by Eclipse. I can't seem to manually terminate the file either. I usually have to fully close Eclipse and wait a bit for it to remove itself. Any ideas why this happens? Eclipse IDE. Each time the application is terminated it is done so by

package not found running ObjectDB under OSGi

Hi I have created in Eclipse a new plugin from existing jar file ... Eclipse class loader is not supported. In addition, please notice this restriction regarding using ObjectDB in an Eclipse plugin. support Support

Database size is much larger than expected (x2)

will occur when run in Eclipse 3.5 in XP. [ObjectDB 2.2.9_03 Enhancer ... code in DOS mode. I observed that only one java task in DOS mode and two javaw tasks in Eclipse. I ... Eclipse, the codes need a single javaw, while objectdb needs another one. So the memory problem

Saving custom list which implements java.util.List fails

Hi, I'm evaluating ObjectDB for storing Objects modeled with">Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and encountered the following ... control of 'MyList' since it is legacy code from the Eclipse Modeling Framework.  

Tomcat + JPA Problem

if you specify the exact version of Java, Eclipse and Tomcat that you are using. This example was tested ... > Guschtl Markus The database location is specified on: eclipse/web/listener">


) dmoshal David Moshal An attempt to run this example using the Eclipse/F4 IDE ... ::UnknownSlotErr: OdbTest::OdbTest.main" The Eclipse/F4 project is attached ... Eclipse. Just use the core Fantom distribution which is how we are going to test any fix anyways."

system exception occurred during an invocation on EJB GuestDao

Hi, I am new to ObjectDB I was trying your eclipse/jee6/glassfish tutorial. Eclipse Luna, Glassfish 4. I am getting the following exception ... Tutorial - Maven Project" and imported it into eclipse: same problem (see below).

Difficulty with the BIRT plugin

Eclipse plugin will be added). Regarding the data set - in addition ... your Eclipse environment. support Support Thanks, so now I can get a little further. My previous problem is that I was using the eclipse view "Data Source Explorer", when actually

Tutorial Typo

I was going through the Eclipse Spring tutorial as part of my training, and I noticed this.  On the page: eclipse/spring/entity"> The tutorial first says:

Another NPE on em.createQuery(query).getResultList()

the project into your IDE workspace (for eclipse, you could run mvn eclipse:eclipse to generate the eclipse project configuration files, or you could m2eclipse eclipse plugin). SeedEntityImplTest