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Method EntityManager" title="Interface in javax.persistence">javax.persistence.EntityManagervoid joinTransaction()


Method EntityManager" title="Interface in javax.persistence">javax.persistence.EntityManagerboolean isOpen()

lock(entity, lockMode)

Method EntityManager" title="Interface in javax.persistence">javax.persistence.EntityManagervoid lock(  Object entity,

Storing JPA Entity Objects

the EntityManager/persist_Object">persist method or implicitly as ... ", "Wurzelbacher"); em.EntityManager/getTransaction">getTransaction().begin(); em.EntityManager/persist

Obtaining a JPA Database Connection

/EntityManager">EntityManager interface. Therefore, in order to manipulate an ObjectDB database we need an EntityManager instance. Operations that modify database content also require ... >Obtaining an EntityManagerFactory Obtaining an EntityManager

CRUD Database Operations with JPA

Given an EntityManager">EntityManager, em.EntityManager/getTransaction">getTransaction ... ++) { Point p = new Point(i, i); em.EntityManager/persist_Object

Database Connection using JPA

to a database is represented by an EntityManager">EntityManagerEntityManagerEntityManager">EntityManager instances. An EntityManagerFactory

Working with JPA Entity Objects

is not yet associated with an EntityManager">EntityManager when it is persisted to the database via an EntityManager’s EntityManager/persist_Object">persistEntityManager/persist_Object

Detached Entity Objects

/EntityManager">EntityManager but still represent objects in the database. Compared ... methods do not accept detached objects (e.g. EntityManager/lock_Object ... ="#explicit_merge">merged back into an EntityManager to become managed again.

Locking in JPA

/java/jpa/EntityManager/flush">flush), ObjectDB checks every database object ... ="/api/java/jpa/EntityManager">EntityManager) since it was retrieved by the current ... by the EntityManager/lock_Object_LockModeType">lock method