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javax.persistence.metamodel Interface EntityType<X> Superinterfaces: Bindable<X>, IdentifiableType<X>, ManagedType<X>, Type<X> Instances of the type EntityType represent entity types. Since: JPA 2.0 Attribute<?,?> getAttribute(String name) Return the attribute of the managed type that corresponds


Method javax.persistence.metamodel.EntityType String getName() Return the entity name. Returns: entity name Since: JPA 2.0

JPA Metamodel API

(); // Get all the entity classes: Set<EntityType> allEntityTypes = metamodel.getEntities ... <MyClass> type1 = metamodel.managedType(MyClass.class); // Get an entity type:   EntityType ... super classes. EntityType - represents user defined entity classes. The Type interface provides

JPA Metamodel API Types

Reference (JavaDoc) of the JPA Metamodel API types, including Type, BasicType, ManagedType, EntityType, IdentifiableType, MappedSuperclassType.

JPA Metamodel API

Reference (JavaDoc) of the JPA Metamodel API, including all the type and attribute interfaces.


Since: JPA 2.0 EntityType<X> entity(Class<X> cls) Return the metamodel entity type representing ... : the metamodel embeddable types Since: JPA 2.0 Set< EntityType<?>> getEntities() Return the metamodel


Method javax.persistence.metamodel.Metamodel Set<EntityType<?>> getEntities() Return the metamodel entity types. Returns: the metamodel entity types Since: JPA 2.0


Method javax.persistence.metamodel.Metamodel EntityType<X> entity( Class<X> cls ) Return the metamodel entity type representing the entity. Parameters: cls - the type of the represented entity Returns: the metamodel entity type Throws: IllegalArgumentException - if not an entity Since: JPA 2.0


expression. Returns: bindable object corresponding to the path Since: JPA 2.0 EntityType<X> getModel


javax.persistence.metamodel Interface Bindable<T> Subinterfaces: CollectionAttribute, EntityType, ListAttribute, MapAttribute, PluralAttribute, SetAttribute, SingularAttribute Instances of the type Bindable represent object or attribute types that can be bound into a Path. Since: JPA 2.0 Class<T

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Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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