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>Example 1: @Lob @Basic(fetch=LAZY) @Column(name="REPORT") protected String report; Example 2: @Lob @Basic(fetch


, whose state may be lazily fetched. Get an instance, whose state may be lazily fetched. If the requested instance does not


> The Fetch Groups Returns: The Fetch Groups

> Name of the fetch plan. Returns: the name of the fetch plan


getFetchPlan() Get the fetch plan associated ... > the fetch plan Since: JDO 2.0


_FIELDS and DETACH_UNLOAD_FIELDS) and the active fetch groups determine the scope of fetching


(in scope) fetch groups. The methods Returns: a copy of all currently active fetch groups

setRecursionDepth(memberName, recursionDepth)

. The default is 1. A value of 0 means don't fetch the member (as if the member were omitted entirely). A value of -1 means fetch all instances reachable via this member.


an immutable Set containing the names of all active fetch groups. The Set is a copy of the currently ... the names of all currently active fetch groups


="description"> Remove the fetch group from the set active fetch groups.