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How do I achieve a Deep Fetch using JOIN FETCH?

that I can express one level of eager fetch in JPQL as follows: SELECT c FROM C JOIN FETCH c.bList WHERE But when I attempt to take it to the 2nd level: SELECT c FROM C JOIN FETCH c.bList JOIN FETCH c.bList.aList


> select doi from Doi doi left join fetch doi.metadata metadata left join fetch metadata.titles titles left join fetch metadata.creators creators left join fetch metadata.descriptions descriptions left join fetch metadata.publishers publishers left join fetch metadata

Left join fetch behaviour doesn't retrieve children?

Hello, I'm a little bit confused about a left join fetch behaviour. In this test case, i try to fetch my 3 children using a left join fetch. But my collection is null after closing the em. It was expected to be fetched before closing the em

Lazy Init / Eager / Join Fetch collection strategy ? What to choose ?

Hello, I'm doing some tests to choose the best collection fetch strategy ... /how-to-use-jpa-correctly-to-avoid-complaints-of-a-slow-application/ In this article,join fetch ... different. Is an "All eager strategy" more efficient that many join fetch ( cartesian product

LEFT JOIN FETCH over empty embedded collection returns no results

First of all, thank you for promptly implementing JOIN FETCH over nested paths in ... : if an embedded collection is empty, but I attempt to LEFT JOIN FETCH all the members of a collection ... FETCH c.bList WHERE id=:id; But if I include the full nested fetch, it fails, returning

How to use JOIN FETCH?

/java/jpa/query/jpql/from) gives an example of using JOIN FETCH to avoid excessive round trips to the database: SELECT c FROM Country c JOIN FETCH fetched lazily), but still 2 results.  What should I

Retrieving JPA Entity Objects

Eager Fetch Retrieval of an entity object from the database might cause automatic retrieval ... this automatic cascaded retrieval by using a lazy fetch type: (fetch">fetch=FetchType

ObjectDB Object Database Features

>Configurable JPA eager/lazy fetch and JPA query fetch">FETCH JOIN. Configurable JDO fetch groups.

[ODB1] Chapter 4 - JDO Metadata

-modifier="transactional" /> <field name="f3" default-fetch-group="true" /> <field name="f4" default-fetch-group="false" /> <field name="f5" embedded="true" /> ... , it returns automatically to its value at the beginning of the transaction. default-fetch


>Interface FetchPlan Fetch ... . Specifies that fields that are not loaded but are in the current fetch plan ... that are loaded but not in the current fetch plan should be unloaded prior to detachment.