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How to delete a specific column data form a entity.

to delete only the Skill from a row so I use Query like "Delete a.Skill from Agent a where a.Id = 112 ... it. Thank You Manoj Manoj Kumar Maharana delete">DELETE queries are for deleting complete objects (rows). You may use an

OneToMany and cascade delete problem

over offers in store, there is null pointer about not finding offer (which is deleted ... that the Offer class and cascading delete from Product when the Product is deleted. Otherwise a broken reference from Store

Cascading delete

> You can set cascade delete delete#cascading_remove">using annotations ... configuration. You cannot set global cascade delete since that will be too risky - you may delete the entire database. support Support

Delete class from DB - through Explorer

Hi! I was looking for ways to delete a class (entity/embedded) from a database ... , why? The only way I see right now is to delete the whole db and make a new one, but that's not a good scenario ... of classes in the Explorer, so you may just ignore the deleted class (although it would be cleaner

Unexpected query token 'delete' (SELECT is expected) (error 752)

="code">DELETE queries should not be run with getSingleResult ( instead. See delete">this manual page. support Support

Cascade delete with unidirectional mapping

    Suppose entity A is referenced from entity B, like (A -> * B) but not actually having that reference, instead only B has @ManyToOne relationship to A and A has none. Is there a way to cascade delete of B's when deleting A? Or

Server User List

="/" permissions="access,modify,create,delete" /> </user> <user username="$default" password="$$$###"> <dir path="/$user/" permissions="access|modify|create|delete"> <quota ... ="access,modify,create,delete" /> <dir path="/$user/" permissions="access|modify|create

Working with JPA Entity Objects

for many operations, including storing, retrieving, updating and deleting database objects. A managed entity object can also be retrieved from the database and marked for deletion ... . The entity object changes its state from Managed to Removed, and is physically deleted

Database Explorer

> The functionality of the Edit > Delete command depends on the context. Deleting a reference field sets the value to null without deleting any referenced entity object. On the other hand, deleting an entity object that is represented by a child of an Extent node in

Issue with cascade delete & add/remove

; Contact. Contact keeps a collection of Address which cascades deletes (orphanRemoval=true ... from the database, eventhough it has never been deleted from the collection ... of a Contact when we delete the Contact? Is that cascaded or do we need to clear the collection first