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Database size is much larger than expected (x2)

. support Support OK, the codes show the version 2.2.9_3 is doubling the size: import static util

Running ObjectDB on a node that does not have internet connectivity

" encoding="UTF-8"?> However, after double checking that line, I did find that they also contain

500Mb ObjectDb database opening issue

codes the calls to NetworkInterface methods are unexpected. Please double check that the activation

Soft Reference Object Cache Recommendation

the heap dump in post #3. Then one can navigate to Classes, double click "byte[]" to view its instances

Multi selection and distinct in a criteria query

. when selecting names which may double without troubles) Alex quasado Alexander Adam I am afraid it is not

LDAP and ObjectDB

Hello, Is there any advantage in using LDAP with ObjectDB? I notice that I would still have to query the config for the credential, as well as query LDAP, a doubling of the work. Thanks st.clair.clarke St Clair Clarke Most applications manage users and permissions in the database but not in

Should I be able to persist a JFrame (or gui components in general)?

worked was double clicking your jar files (none of the exe's worked--couldn't find java if I tried

Weird issue with variable naming

and order by. Removing the addition of order stuff solves the issue of double naming though doesn't help ... well without success of replication.. quasado Alexander Adam Please post the query string with double use of $1

Issue with DISTINCT Select

, what is the desired, JPA-Conform way of NOT having a result with doubled $1 and stilll use

Eager load Map

build? support Support That's odd... I went back to double check and I'm definitely using 2.3.2_04

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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