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Field not persisted in abstract class with two level of nesting

javax.persistence.Embeddable; @Embeddable public class TZ1  extends AS<TZ1>{   ... > package BUG2; import javax.persistence.Embeddable; @Embeddable ... .Serializable; import javax.persistence.Embeddable; @Embeddable public abstract class ATT<


"> Return the metamodel managed type representing the entity, mapped superclass, or embeddable class


> (Optional) The basic or embeddable class that is the element


is not visible as part of the state of the entity or embeddable class. The


mapping strategy, the name of the table of the source entity or embeddable.


> represent embeddable types. Since:


class, mapped superclass, or embeddable class, or to a specific attribute of such a class.


@Embeddable public class DependentId { String name; long empid; // corresponds to primary

Issues with JDO Casting & Full Qualified Names

.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; import javax.persistence.Embeddable; import javax ... , EmbeddedBase> embeddeds = new HashMap<String, EmbeddedBase>(); } @Embeddable public static class EmbeddedBase {   String base = "TEST"; } @Embeddable public static class EmbeddedA

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with enhanced Entity

> @Embeddable class TestEmbed {...} and the second one: @Entity class ... etc etc.). However It seems to happen only with an embeddable entity embedded within another embeddable entity like:   @Embeddable class Embed_A {} @Embeddable