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Spatial queries with ObjectDB

and embeddable classes (defined by your application), and use ObjectDB ability to combine Java methods in queries

How to creat a Query with Sql which returns a List marks

How can i get out of the db my Athlete Objekt his list<Mark> marks collection with a createQuery Sql-Statement. the Mark and Athlete Object do not really have a primary or secondary key together, the list mark is just stored in the athletes object, not as an embeddable but as

Eager Fetch is not stable for collection or map types?

;Player>();     ....... } @Embeddable public class Player

Field in Generic Class not persisted?

.persistence.Embeddable; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.EntityManager

How to move @Embedable collection to a dedicated entity class?

(orphanRemoval = true, cascade = CascadeType.ALL) List<Child> children; } @Embeddable class Child

Upgrade to 2.4.1_01

.ALL, fetch=FetchType.EAGER), which is wrong, as Contactdetails is Embeddable, the annotation

Bulk update of embedded entities in linked list

list of an embeddable class. Example:            

ObjectDB 2.8.3

). Improved memory cleaning when entity objects with embeddable elements are detached

InternalException - error reading field from "queue" database

that is missing in this database. What do you store in that field? entity objects? embeddable

ObjectDB 2.8.2

Added support of deleting classes in the Explorer. Improved memory cleaning when entity objects with embeddable elements are detached. Improved handling query results that include managed hollow objects. Removed false alarms by