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LDAP and ObjectDB

Most applications manage users and permissions in the database but not in the configuration ... > for the entire application and manage your application users and permissions using your own persistent objects in the database. The purpose of the user permissions in the configuration is mainly

500Mb ObjectDb database opening issue

500Mb ObjectDb database opening issue

EntityManagerFactory Fails To Swtich Over To Slave When Master Is Unavailable

;           <dir path="/" permissions="access ... ;   <dir path="/$user/" permissions="access,modify,create,delete">    ... ;      <dir path="/" permissions="access,modify,create,delete" />

@ElementCollection of type enum

: @ElementCollection(fetch = FetchType.EAGER) private Set<UserPermission> permissions; Use case: there are users which contain the first 2 permissions (BASIC and COACH ... that previously had BASIC and COACH as permissions, now they would have BASIC and BASIC231.

Replication issue, Replayer failing due to NullPointerException.

="/" permissions="access,modify,create,delete" /> </user> <user username="backend-ro" password="password"> <dir path="/" permissions="access" /> </user> < ... path="/" permissions="access" /> </user> </users> <ssl enabled="false">

The server cannot start in CentOS

;  <dir path="/" permissions="access,modify,create,delete" />   </user> ... /" permissions="access,modify,create,delete">     <quota directories="5" files="20" disk ... ;       <dir path="/" permissions="access,modify,create,delete" />

lockfiles in client/server mode

(Permission denied)   have i misconfigured something? edit ... > A better solution could be changing the permissions of the temporary directory (/tmp ... / server permission collision in handling temporary files should be avoided now.

>JDOPermission , Permission

stackoverflow big sur eclipse debug

it is a problem of the file permissions of the objectdb database file. The behavior is changed ... . It may indicate an issue with access permission to the objectdb.conf (configuration) file ... permissions to the configuration file. Anyway, ObjectDB should produce a better error message in such cases

ODB Doctor Stops Progressing (runs forever)

to a permissions error on the /tmp directory I just had operations resize.  It didn't have write permissions; permission added and ODB Doctor is working.  Thank you!  Please close the ticket. CJMoore Clinton Moore