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are scoped to the persistence unit. The NamedNativeQueries annotation ... javax.persistence ... .persistence">NamedNativeQuery

JPA Metamodel API

="/java/jpa/entity/persistence-unit">persistence unit (which is optional when using ObjectDB ... to ObjectDB (not listed in the persistence unit and have not been used yet). In this case, calling the method ... The JPA Metamodel API provides the ability to examine the persistent object model

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to ObjectDB Software Ltd, 109 Vernon House Friar Lane Unit 632 37 Westminster Buildings Theatre Square Nottingham NG1 6LG United Kingdom. Cookies are small files ... and verifying system and server integrity). Cookies can be "Persistent" or

Posting Sample Code

to the ObjectDB database directly (no persistence unit). Keep the test as ... , The project does not contain a persistence unit, An entity or IdClass class should implement the interface). ... > package test; import java.util.*; import javax.persistence


performance persistence solution for Java, based on the Java Persistence API (JPA) and the Java ... Ltd Unit 632 37 Westminster Buildings Theatre Square Nottingham NG1 6LG United


javax.persistence ... ="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Expression<N> persistence.criteria


Constructor Persistence" title="Class in javax.persistence">javax.persistence.PersistencePersistence()


Static Field Persistence" title="Class in javax.persistence">javax.persistence.PersistenceString PERSISTENCE_PROVIDER

Step 2: Define a JPA Entity Class

on the Guest class indicates that a persistence-unit">persistence unit ... ; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.GeneratedValue; import javax.persistence.Id; @Entity public class Guest implements Serializable { private static final long

Step 2: Define a JPA Entity Class

/jpa/entity/persistence-unit">persistence unit definition in an XML file is missing ... ="pre-java">package tutorial; import; import javax.persistence.*; @Entity