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Mapped By Fetch is very Slow

000   List <MyEntity> entities = query.setMaxResults(10000).getResultList();  

slow performance for a complex query

. However if I do that, I cannot support pagination over result set with setFirstResult and setMaxResults

Sorting problem

Branch: 113 The same if I use setFirstResult() and setMaxResult();  

Iterating over large result set

: q.setFirstResult(page).setMaxResults(pageSize).getResultList()) {      

100% CPU when using multiple BETWEEN

to the first 50 records with Query.setMaxResults(...).   Any suggestions?

Retrieve latest entry in a time-series

.createQuery("...").setMaxResults(1).getSingleResult(); support Support

Query perfromance problem

;  prodList = icQuery.setFirstResult(start).setMaxResults(count).getResultList();   

Page dividing support in Objectdb

In Mysql, one can divide records by select * from ttt limit x,length. Then how to do it in Objectdb? gzdillon Lai Yang This is explained in the setmaxresults">manual. support Support

Null pointer exception being thrown from within ObjectDB.

***** */       reportDownloadObjects = query.setMaxResults(maxRecords

Issue with cascade delete & add/remove

; .setMaxResults(1).getSingleResult();         em.getTransaction