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run several embedded systems on one server, problem with double used port

when you open a database in the url/path: "$objectdb/db/my.odb;port=9999 ... >and also that you do not specify a port as part of the connection url. This stack trace ... part of the connection url (with the port= parameter). support Support

How to connect to an embedded ObjectDB in a JPA/JEE application?

Ariyaratne Just replace the client-server connection url with an embedded connection url, e.g ... ">this documentation section regarding client-server and embedded connection urls. support Support

Replication error - parsing objectdb config

path="$objectdb/db-files" />   <replication url="objectdb://localhost:6126/DEV1 ... -files" /> <replication url="objectdb://localhost:6136/TestReplication.odb;user=admin ... that the replication works, but I notice now that the slave url is invalid. It should be:

Spring 4 setup

;            <url></url>       </repository> In the url", "test.odb");    

Objectdb Server Mode set up with glassfish

connection url. If specified in the persistence.xml a client-server url could be specified as follows: <?xml version="1.0 ... ="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="objectdb://localhost/my.odb"/>   

Replication error on slave restart

; <temp path="$temp" threshold="128mb" /> <network inactivity-timeout="0" /> <url ... ;network inactivity-timeout="0" />   <url-history size="50" user="true" password="true" /> ... " max="100" />   <data path="$objectdb/db" />   <replication url="objectdb

Problem with entities detection

.AsignaturasAlumno</class> <properties> <property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value ... ; <properties> <property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="jdbc:postgresql ... name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="$objectdb/db/curso3.odb"/> <property name

JBOSS AS7 7.1.1 - Entity not persisted and createNamedQuery fire exception

name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="... ... </properties>   url" value="objectdb:D ... outside the application    <property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="$objectdb

Master database switching to read-only mode, possibly caused by slave failure

/slave url requests to the master all the requests are automatically routed to the slave ... master/slave url > requests to the master all the requests are automatically routed to the slave ... requests are rejected. Firstly, we do not use combined master/slave url in our client as

Change path for urls2.xml file

="/java/jpa/setting/general#the_url-history_element">by specifying 0 as the maximum history list size:     <url-history size="0" user="true" password="true" /> The url history is used to enable opening recent database files