Spring MVC JPA Tutorial - Maven Project

The Spring MVC JPA tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to build a simple Java/JPA Spring MVC database driven web application in Eclipse or NetBeans.

Building a new application step by step is an effective way to learn - but if you prefer, you may download and run the finished application as a Maven project:

Spring MVC JPA - Maven Project (8KB)

If Maven is installed - extract the zip and run the application from the command line:

> mvn package jetty:run

The current directory should be guestbook-spring (containing the pom.xml file), and port 8080 has to be available for the Jetty embedded server.

It is not necessary to download and install ObjectDB or a Java web server - Maven will download the ObjectDB jar and the Jetty embedded server automatically.

When the Jetty server is ready - open your browser at http://localhost:8080/Guestbook/

You may also open and run the Maven project in your IDE:

NetBeans IDE and IntelliJ IDEA have built in Maven support.