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JPA Query Criteria API (JPA 2.0)Feature RequestNormalFixed2011-04-03
JPA Metamodel (JPA 2.0)Feature RequestNormalFixed2011-04-03
Querying error - java.lang.ClassCastException: com.objectdb.o.STVBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2011-04-03
Best practice for history trackingFeature RequestNormalClosed2011-03-21
Object DB Explorer fails to open databaseBug ReoprtNormalFixed2011-03-10
When using inheritance, you can specify, which ID to useFeature RequestNormalActive2011-02-24
Online BackupFeature RequestNormalFixed2011-02-23
ObjectDB-ObjectDB ReplicationFeature RequestNormalFixed2011-02-23
Unexpected exception (Error 990) - Merge with no TransactionBug ReoprtNormalFixed2011-02-21
Full Text Indexing and QueryFeature RequestNormalActive2011-02-02

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