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UnexpectedException on queryBug ReoprtNormalFixed2011-06-02
Explorer bug ? Objects seem to be missing from database in Class view, but are present as referencesBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2011-06-02
Allow to see more records on websiteWebsite IssueLowFixed2011-05-05
Improve ObjectDB ServerFeature RequestLowActive2011-05-05
JPQL Update & Delete (JPA 1.0)Feature RequestHighFixed2011-05-03
Explorer Features - refresh + viewing open embedded databaseFeature RequestHighActive2011-04-27
NPE when doing a find()Bug ReoprtNormalFixed2011-04-22
InternalException during producer/consumer scenarioBug ReoprtNormalFixed2011-04-10
JPA Query Criteria API (JPA 2.0)Feature RequestNormalFixed2011-04-03
JPA Metamodel (JPA 2.0)Feature RequestNormalFixed2011-04-03

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