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JPA Metamodel API

The JPA Metamodel API, which is introduced in JPA 2.0, enables examining the classes, fields and properties of the persistent object model, similarly to the Java reflection API. The main interface of the JPA Metamodel API is: api/java/jpa

What is the Java Persistence API (JPA)?

The Java Persistence API (JPA) is a standard API for accessing databases from within Java applications. The main advantage of JPA over JDBC (the older Java API for interacting ... system with built in support of the Java Persistence API (JPA). By interacting with ObjectDB using

JPA Metamodel API Attributes

The following interfaces and enum types represent attributes (persistent fields and properties) in the JPA Metamodel API: api/java/jpa/metamodel/members"> See the

JPA Metamodel API Types

The following interfaces and enum represent types in the JPA Metamodel API:  api/java/jpa/metamodel/types"> See the Metamodel Type Interface Hierarchy section for more details and examples.

ObjectDB API Reference

All about ObjectDB API Reference in Java/JPA database - explanations, examples, references, links and related information.

ObjectDB APIs

All about ObjectDB APIs in Java/JPA database - explanations, examples, references, links and related information.

JPA 2.0 Criteria API: (When) Fully supported ?

for fetching while the JPA 2.0 implementation uses Criteria API. API implementation ... with Criteria API.    * ObjectDB 2.1.0 - FAIL. Does not support Criteria API:  

Which API should I use - JPA or JDO?

You can use ObjectDB with either the Java Persistence API (JPA) or the Java Data Objects (JDO) API. Both share similar architecture, design and abilities. When to prefer ... applications. You can use JPA as the primary API, and if necessary, switch to JDO as a secondary API

Why does ObjectDB duplicate classes from javax.jdo:jdo-api?

Hello, I'm using the Java Persistence API (JPA) in a library to not lock ... ;api/3.1">JDO API version 3.1. The code works ... out that both ObjectDB and the JDO API expose the same classes. I was wondering

No Entity Class API

>Therefore, an API for accessing (and maybe also modifying) data in the database without classes ... : Use the Metamodel API to find ... > representation of entity classes using the api/java/jpa/metamodel/Type