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Soft Reference Object Cache Recommendation

desire to have my persistent objects be cached until the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) does ... for its Level One (L1) object data cache.  I disable the L2 cache and use 1 MB for the ObjectDB Datastore page file cache with page file size of 64 KB.  Here are relevant objectdb.conf settings:

Cache usage

after a runtime of several weeks we are now analyzing the usage of the cache and so on. Looking at the heap dump we suspect that the cache is really used (see heap dump attached ... is: is the cache really used ? hgzwicker Hans-Georg Zwicker The heap dump shows usage

Is 2 level cache in use?

Hi, Is there any way to check, if 2 level cache is in use? Right now I've done two things: 1. objectdb.conf with cache size is placed in WEB-INF directory ... benchmark, so most of the data should be in cache. ODB and Tomcat are on different servers.

Level 2 cache not hit in @ManyToOne

has @ManyToOne private User user. Level 2 JPA cache is activated and it works ok for find by id (tested by ... , it hits the cache, but not for its field "user". "user" is loaded each time from the DB (tested by changing data in explorer and reading in my app). "user" should also be taken from L2 cache, shouldn't

Enforce Second Level cache

that entity modified is the same that is cached in 2nd level cache. so that if i request that entity ... your comment on this (is it really the same object kept in cache).... Now the problem is that I need to have guarantee that this entity object is kept in cache all the time (there are not

How Should I Configure objectdb.conf to Obtain 256KB Disk IO Requests and Maximize Shared PersistenceManager Entity Cache?

=soft caching and datastore pagefile caching 1 MB (4 256KB sized pages).  The goal is to have frequent PersistenceManager L1 cache hit, then less frequent datastore pagefile cache hit ... options. support Support What is stored in a datastore pagefile cache page?  Data

Caching/Paging Questions...

memory ? Q2: Do I need to manually use strong references to such cached result ... memory size of ObjectDB L2 cache or EntityManager context ? Q4:cache) but instantiation of the results (if they contain entity objects) are slightly faster

ObjectDB Object Database Features

> Caching L1 entity object cache_element">cache ... /entities#the_cache_element">cache (per EntityManagerFactory). Database

Entity Management Settings

;entities> <enhancement agent="true" reflection="warning" /> <cache ref="weak" level2 ... classes (for troubleshooting). The <cache> element <cache ref="weak" level2="0mb" /> The <

JQL-Update Queries fails with activated L2-Cache

. Scenario 1: Disabled L2 Cache, updating elements using UPDATE-Query ... Cache, updating elements using UPDATE-Query, calling entityManger.clear()" has to be called. Scenario 3: Enabled L2 Cache, updating