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Criteria Query results in a NoResultException instead of returning object

at at at$jboss$weld$bean-WEB-INF$lib$seam-security-impl-ManagedBean-class_org$jboss$seam$security$IdentityImpl_$$_WeldClientProxy


As explained in chapter 2, entity ... practice to use a separate EntityManager for DELETE queries. As with any operation ... ;  // an optional variable DELETE FROM Country AS c  // AS + an optional variable

Literals in JPQL and Criteria Queries

Literals in JPQL, as in Java, represent constant values. JPQL supports various types ... >). JPQL literals should be used sparingly as queries that use as explained in the Comparison Operators page

Chapter 6 - Configuration

as the path to the directory in which objectdb.jar is located, with one exception ... directory is considered to be the ObjectDB home directory ($objectdb). As ... "); // new $objectdb As with any other system property it can also be set as an argument

Online Backup

application), since an ObjectDB database is stored as an ordinary file in the file system.  ... use. This is useful in applications that provide round the clock service (24/7/365) such as ... that if the target argument is specified as a instance and

Paths and Types in JPQL and Criteria API

- when instances of these classes are assigned as arguments. Path expressions that navigate from ... ) with a matching name. The path expression, however, is valid even if the persistent field is declared as ... >For a country with no capital city, such as Nauru, is evaluated to NULL

Database Server

, ObjectDB is integrated as a library and runs within the application process, which is much more efficient. As a result, embedded mode should be preferred when possible. For example, if an ObjectDB database ... > You can run it from the command line as follows: > java -cp

Step 7: Run the Spring Web App

.jsp file (which serves as the default front page) with the following redirection ... is installed as a server in your Eclipse - you can run the application now by right clicking the project node (in the [Project Explorer] window), selecting Run As > Run on Server

[ODB1] Chapter 1 - About ObjectDB

, as a result of special customer needs or requests) can be done without modifying code. The JDO API ... Mode In embedded mode, the application uses ObjectDB as a class library, so no server ... and both the embedded database operating mode as well as the client-server operating mode.


parameter is specified as null , events ... the cache against the datastore. An implementation might flush instances as if instance. The Transaction instance supports options as well as