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NULL prefered in ORDER BY?

Hi! Is there a way to NOT prefer NULL in Order BY? I.e. assume this: SELECT FROM Test ORDER BY It orders ASC like ... so they appear first in ordering. Please fill a feature request if you need this functionality.

order by string with numbers

> ORDER BY CAST(SUBSTR(username FROM 4) AS UNSIGNED) ASC Using JPQL SELECT u FROM Users u ORDER BY SUBSTRING(u.username,4)*1 ASC If you have other alternative ... Hi Anyone could help me I need to order a string  for example user1

Alias not used in ORDER BY

)) I would have expected the alias to be used in the ORDER BY clause, something like SELECT $1, UPPER($1.someStringProperty) AS TEST FROM T ORDER BY TEST ... , UPPER($1.someStringProperty) AS TEST FROM T ORDER BY UPPER($1.someStringProperty)


.criteriaInterface Order An object that defines an ordering over the query results. Learn how to use JPA Criteria API's Order in order


Order" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">javax.persistence.criteria.OrderOrder" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Order reverse()


Order" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">javax.persistence.criteria.Orderboolean isAscending() Whether ascending ordering is in effect.


Annotation Order Annotation for the ordering component of an ordered container member, such as Java Collections Framework Array and List types and Java

[ODB1] Chapter 9 - ObjectDB Explorer

of the shown fields by using the Up and Down arrow buttons or the "Field Ordering" combo box. A view ... > Some JVM arguments can be useful. For instance, by default Java does not use more than 64MB ... would not be found by explorer.exe. By default, running explorer.exe is equivalent to the following


Element Order" title="Annotation in javax.jdo.annotations">javax.jdo.annotations.Order The definition of the column(s) to use for ordering.


Element Order" title="Annotation in javax.jdo.annotations">javax.jdo.annotations.OrderString column The name of the column to use for ordering the elements of the member