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Error when I switch to server mode

to switch to server mode, and after connecting and doing some db operations I got this: server mode. Somehow the type of the object is unknown on the server side - but I couldn't reproduce the exception, since normally the client registers types with the server before they are needed.

Server license move

Hi, I have a 1 server license. I would prefer to use ObjectDB ... move the license on a test linux server, and only when development will be done, then I would like to permanently move this license on a production linux server. Obviously not all in the same time

unable to connect to remote server using VPN

I am trying to connect to remote server using VPN using user1 However, the server terminated the connection and  emitted below in the server log.  --------------------- [2018-04-14 13:13:33 #2 server] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.base

A distinguished Name for server or explorer is good for maintaining!

In windows, the server runs as "javaw"; in Linux it is "java". If the server failed ... ) Exception in thread "main"     Then I have to restart the server ... > ./ stop & [1] 8443 <root@www:/opt/objectdb/bin> [ObjectDB 2.2.8] Failed

Embedded server feature

server with SSD 1 JVM running on it 2 web applications on Tomcat 1 ObjectDB Server deployed, in embedded server mode 2 ObjectDB databases for those 2 webapps, both would use the server in embedded mode for stellar performance distant access

OutOfMemory in Server

Hello, I was getting OOM from ObjectDB Server with 10G Xmx, so I raised ... . The edited database file has 11GB. The stacktrace from ODB Server: [2023-08-03 15:00:36 #64 server]  java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space  

Objectdb Server Mode set up with glassfish

my ignorance. I have a glassfish server working with the embeded mode of objectdb. I now want to set up objectdb in server mode. I have run the server.exe but I don't know what to do next ?!  ... connection url. If specified in the persistence.xml a client-server

Improve ObjectDB Server

Improve ObjectDB Server to behave and feel more like a traditional db-server: - Remove SWING dependency (i.e. remove the tray icon or make it external from the core server ... /jpa/tool/server#starting_the_objectdb_server">ObjectDB as a console application including

Automatic Switch to Replicated Server Limitations

automatically to another server when a server goes down, by specifying a The first server in the composite url has to be available when connecting. Additional servers are only used later, as backup, and not initially

objectdb.home for client/server

working on client/server mode. However, without setting this in our client, he complains about the missing objectdb.conf. Why is this required? Can't the server deliver it? Most of the time we do not even know where our object db home is located at as we might have multiple server instances running