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Request clarification of changes to accessor enhancement policy (non-getter prefix instead of getter suffix) AND annotations

), namely there are no longer enhanced additional getters/setters, because the additional methods now use ... and require additional adjustment for specific annotations in the future. support Support additional tasks such as additional validations and some

remove & persist in same transaction => Attempt to reuse an existing primary key value

the Performance we define a special Entity (A) with additional data that use an existing ID ... >If we remove additional data for Entity (B) and then the special Entity (A) is empty, we remove the special Entity (A). If we add additional data for Entity (B) we check if an Entity

Out of memory

and what cannot be released. In addition, please post the ObjectDB configuration file (to show cache sizes ... . As I understand, additional 100MB of cache is for indexes, that are load from database? The additional 100MB is for various tasks, including cache of query programs and query results.

2.7.3_03 Erroneous "Attempt to modify a primary key of a managed object"

), but apparently it exposes an existing problem, due to an additional new check. additional indexed field? Primary key ... ), so what are the benefits of having that additional indexed field? support Support Textual letter case

Empty temporary dat files in the temp folder

the EntityManager. In some scenarios we use additional databases as large data sink. And for optimized data ... the database’s are very small (main DB ~ 3MB and three additional DB’s with just 1 MB) If we access entities from one of the additional DB’s we get five new pagesX.dat files (each 8MB) in the TEMP directory

Replaying recorded requests...

a PersistenceManagerFactory? Dave dmoshal David Moshal Couple of additional points: 1 ... then your configuration file is not used. In addition, please verify ... ; - is this the wrong location? > In addition, please verify that you close the database

Mismatch client-server protocol prefix

two stack traces do not mention ObjectDB. In addition to checking the database file ... Tomcat. In addition we converted our Spring configuration from xml to configuration classes ... addition I compared the spring configuration of this project with other projects. I think I found

Vacuum - Reclaiming Unused Space In Odb

is the recommended solution. It also provides an additional live backup, which could be more useful ... .  Without that guarantee, we cannot rely on the feature nor go through additional measures ... arrived at a strategy that will work going forward.  We'll reach out to you for additional help

queries under 2.7.6_4 significantly slower than under 2.7.6

.7.6_04)? In addition, if you can identify the exact build in which these new issues ... to examine additional query plans) but with the evaluation of these query plans, as also discussed in ... additional statistic information. To benefit from these changes ObjectDB must collect that statistics

Best practise loading big data

you for the heap dump. For every managed object ObjectDB has to maintain additional information ... sbc = null; All entities are in RAM (Capture1). Additional memory used ... >, which works like JPA EntityManager but with some additional operations.